2024 Proposed Rules and Amendments

Rules Committee Memorandum Released on July 9, 2024
The MIC3 Rules Committee is responsible for administering the commission’s rulemaking procedures, and for developing proposed rules for the commission’s consideration as appropriate. 
In accordance with MIC3 Compact Rules, Chapter 200, SEC. 2.101 Adoption of Rules; Amendment, prior to the Commission voting on any proposed rule or amendment, the text of the proposed rule or amendment shall be published by the Rules Committee and provided to the Commission for review and comments.
Commissioners, Commissioner Designees, or Ex-officio Representatives commenting on the proposed rule(s) or amendment(s) on behalf of their state or organization must do so in writing.  All written comments received by the Rules Committee will be posted on the Commission’s website upon receipt. 
Following the 30-day comment period, the Rules Committee will review the comments and determine if the proposed rule(s) or amendment(s) will move forward.  The Committee will prepare a final draft of the proposed rule(s) or amendment(s) for consideration by the Commission at the 2024 ABM.
Comment Format:
Written comments must identify the specific proposed rule or amendment they are addressing and follow the format provided.
A. Name and Title in relation to the Commission
(Example: John Doe, Compact Commissioner for AB)
B. Identify the proposed rule or amendment you are submitting an official comment on.
(Example: On behalf of [insert state or ex-officio organization name] I am providing comment on Rule SEC. [insert number])
C. Provide written comment on the indicated rules or amendment.  Indicate the change to be made to the proposed language.  Describe the reason your state or ex-officio organization is recommending the edit.
Written comments must be received by Thursday, August 8, 2024, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time and emailed to mic3info@csg.org.