School Liaisons

 What is a School Liaison (SL)?

SLs are subject matter experts on K-12 grade education regarding the transition of military dependents attending public, private and home schools. SLs engage regularly with military commanders, educators and parents, and work closely with state and local education authorities to support military connected students. 

Military OneSource produced this brief 23 minute video highlighting the role and responsibilities of a School Liaison.
“What is a School Liaison Anyway?”

What does an SL do?

Although each service program has similar objectives and goals, the School Liaison serves as the primary point of contact for school-related matters; represents, informs, and assists Command; assists military Families with school issues; coordinates with local school systems; and forges partnerships between the military and schools. While the compact covers interstate education transitions between public schools and U.S. Department of Defense schools, the SLs support families by assisting with transfers between all educational options – public, private and homeschool. 

Where can I find my SL in my state or country?

The School Liaison Program is offered servicewide and is located in every state and country with an active duty military installation. If your state that does not have an active duty installation, families, schools and commissioners should still connect with the closest military installation or their servicing personnel.  The SL’s provide worldwide coverage and will provide assistance – even across service branches and states. You can find your SL by service in the directories below. If you are unable to find your SL or need assistance, contact the national office at or 859-244-8000.

How does my SL support the compact?

The compact covers interstate education transitions between public schools and U.S. Department of Defense schools. Working in conjunction with the state compact commissioner, military representatives, and state councils, SLs educate families, schools and other stakeholders on the compact rules and regulations; participate in state council meetings; and assist with compliance and family concerns.

  • SL’s are a resource for parents – they assist parent with education concerns, cases, and referrals.
  • SL’s are a resource for districts and schools – they provide professional development for school personnel on military culture and understanding on the challenges military families and students encounter; and assist parents with education concerns, cases, or referrals. 
  • SL’s are a resource for compact commissioners– attend state council meetings; liaise with compact commissioners and schools on cases; provide school based transition programming and professional development; and educate military families and students.


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You can also find your SL and State Compact Commissioner on the interactive map2



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