Ernise Singleton (LA)

Commission Chair

Daron Korte

Daron Korte (MN)

Commission Vice Chair

Gregory Lynch

Greg Lynch (WA)

Treasurer and Finance Chair

Mary L. Gable

Mary Gable (MD)

Rules Chair

Chad Delbridge

Chad Delbridge (WY)

Communications and Outreach Chair

Shelly Ramos

Shelly Ramos (TX)

Training Chair

Steven Bullard

Compliance Chair

Laura Anastasio

Laura Anastasio (CT)

Past Chair and Leadership Nomination (LNC) Chair

Dianna Ganote

DOD Ex-Officio Member

Mission Statement

The mission of the MIC3 Training Committee is to respond to the needs of various audiences to provide accurate, current and customized content about the compact for use by commissioners, schools, families and military-connected stakeholders.

Shared Commitments

  • Increase knowledge about the compact, and limits of the compact.
  • Increase the appropriate application of the compact for children of military families.
  • Support and educate parents, students, and associated persons as advocates for transitioning students and military personnel about the compact and limits of the compact.
  • Reduce inconsistent applications of the compact.
Shelly Ramos TX (Chair)
Spencer Barzee ID
Phil Cantrell WV
Barbara Clemmer PA
Curtis Jones GA
Kathleen Murphy NH
John Price IL
Tremekia Priester SC
Rene Sanchez VT
Amanda Woodyard MCEC (Ex-officio Member)

Mission Statement

The Finance Committee seeks to ensure the Commission has the financial resources to meet the goals established by the compact.

Brian Henry MO (Chair)
Dale Brungardt KS
Brian Halstead NE
Debra Jackson NY
Rosemarie Kraeger RI
Greg Lynch WA
Deanna McLaughlin TN
J. Clarke Orzalli MA
Douglas Ragland AL
Kyle Fairbairn MISA (Ex-officio Member)
Steve Bullard KY (Chair)
Sarah Forster ME
Don Kaminar AR
Daron Korte MN
Michael Price MI
Ray Shaw MT
Nick Sojka NC
Shelley Joan Weiss WI
Vacant AZ
Vacant CA
Eileen Huck NMFA (Ex-officio Member)
Mary Gable MD (Chair)
Kathy Berg HI
Dan Dunham VA
Davina French ND
Will Jones OK
Ann Pettit SD
Ben Rasmussen UT
Michael Rodriguez DE
Terry Ryals AK
Tenneal Wetherell OR
Davis Whitfield NFHS (Ex-officio Member)
Chad Delbridge WY (Chair)
Clara Botstein DC
Teresa Ferenczhalmy NM
Felicia Gonzales NV
Laura Kacer IA
Pete Lupiba OH
Brian Murphy IN
Keith Owen CO
Tony Trongone NJ
Kristen Windham MS
Don Kaminar AR (Chair)
Debra Jackson NY (Vice Chair)
Dan Dunham VA
J. Clarke Orzalli MA
Michael Price MI
Douglas Ragland AL
Ben Rasmussen UT
Ernise Singleton LA (Chair)
Dianna Ganote, USDOD Representative
Kyle Fairbairn, Military Impacted Schools Association
Amanda Woodyard, Military Child Education Coalition
Eileen Huck, National Military Family Association
Davis Whitfield, National Federation of State High School Associations